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Male WalkingWounded

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A Soon Forgotten Appreciation Reply to this Post

You're cruising along in your ole 10 year old, viable, but sometimes embarrassing ride, drinking a bottle of water. You drink about half of it, screw on the lid, then toss in the passengers seat or floorboard. You take another bite of your #3 burger special, wrap up the last half, put in the bag with the cold fries, and also toss it aside with the unused packets of ketchup and napkins. Later on in the day, you're feverishly flipping through a 1000 channels, and can't find a thing to watch. So you head to the fridge for something to cure your boredom. Some of the left overs look like they are still edible, but you're not sure how old they are, so you hastily toss it all in the trash and head to the garage to find something to do. But the lighting is not quite up to par, and the shop fan doesn't quite blow hard enough to keep you cool where you like it. So you walk out in the driveway, stop, look around, and start dwelling on how you wished things were better, and some day you'll be happy and content if you could just take it up a notch or two.

Then one day while you're wallowing in your miserable life, a tragedy comes along and takes it all away, or at least reduces it somewhat. Suddenly that half empty bottle of water and the other annoying/boring conveniences start looking pretty good. I'm writing this in reference to the recent hurricane, Harvey. I too am guilty of the above and have taken it all for granted. Although we personally weren't affected much by it, many lost 100%. It's funny/amazing how when a tragedy does hit, you find yourself being efficient, frugal, cautious, and grateful with what you have, and can manage to find. But at the first sign of the modern world coming back to life, we immediately begin to go about our lives as if nothing happened, and that it will never end. If you ask anyone do they appreciate what they have, most will answer yes. But I don't think many stop and think it through, and realize that planet Earth is a kicked ant bed 24-7 to make all this happen, and is very fragile. It's a soon forgotten appreciation.
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Male Since73
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Re: A Soon Forgotten Appreciation Reply to this Post

GREAT post Monty. After helping some my friends in Vidor demo their houses floor to ceiling, I'm grateful now and hopefully for a long time, to have certain basic uninterrupted comforts. Like, to be able to reach into our "blanket closet" and grab a toasty blanket that's not drenched and reeking of floodwater. That image, along with quite a few others that are burned into my brain, remind me daily how some folks lost every... single.. item.. they owned.

Grab the family photos, whether you've taken the time to put them all in albums or not, and spend an evening going through them with the kids/family, because those photos are all gone for some.
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Male pep71
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Re: A Soon Forgotten Appreciation Reply to this Post

Monty, this is the best post you have ever written, and after 14,143 posts that is saying a lot. Thank you for your words.
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Male OldSchoolFool
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Re: A Soon Forgotten Appreciation Reply to this Post

No doubt we definitely over look how good life is sometimes
Been doing work in Rockport
Devastation for miles
Working on a crane in a driveway of a house soon to be torn down
When a truck pulls up and a couple gets out
I ask if this was there house and the man tells me
No this is my dad's house he is 90 and will never be able
To go home cause it doesn't exist anymore and all his memories are
Gone....This made me almost cry
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